As the volume of data grows, the need to store it in a cost-effective, scalable and responsive way has never been greater. Big data storage businesses such as Google, Amazon and Facebook are pioneering new simple, low-cost and flexible ways to do just that.

It’s a business model based on custom-built server stacks using market-leading whitebox components.

Both whitebox and OEM offerings are unbranded and purpose-built to a bespoke design to meet a specific business or market need. They are lower-cost, but certainly not lower-spec. The speed, power and capacity of a whitebox solution can even exceed that of a branded product. This pick’n’mix approach to the processor, memory, local storage and network interface options ensures there are no under-used or under-performing parts.

The secret comes from de-coupling; breaking the traditional inter-reliance of hardware, software and maintenance - the cornerstone of branded solutions. Key to this de-coupling is a partnership between the whitebox and OEM hardware providers and software-defined vendors such as Openstack, Hadoop, Redhat, Scality and SwiftStack.

Exertis Enterprise is a leading innovator in the whitebox and OEM space by creating tailored, scalable, cost-effective stacks, optimised for an exact customer environment.

Whitebox and OEM solutions:

  • Application-optimised
  • Bespoke platforms
  • Customisable
  • Easily upgradable and scalable
  • Flexible warranty options
  • Greater flexibility
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Market-specific
  • Tested and certified

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