By 2020 it is estimated that more than 50% of the global server market will be built on whitebox technologies. This clearly presents a huge opportunity to the channel.

It’s data growth that is driving this demand. In four years, some 85% of applications (specifically CRM and ERP) will be delivered via the cloud. Along with rising online commerce and a growing number of connected devices, it’s clear datacentres will be at the heart of this evolution.

By adding whitebox solutions to your portfolio, you can ensure that you are well-placed to meet this increasing demand, can better meet your customers’ specific requirements (and so help them to increase performance and profitability).



Go to market faster and more efficiently. Our OEM solutions help companies in more than 40 industry verticals go to market faster and more efficiently by building hardware, software and services into their solutions. Using Tier 1 technology and global supply chain as the foundation, a dedicated OEM organisation works with customers to design the system appropriate for powering their intellectual property. With Exertis Enterprise and our partners managing the design, manufacturing, distribution, and support of the technology our global OEM customers can focus on what they do best: Innovation.

In today’s highly connected world, our OEM solutions team has the expertise and end-to-end ecosystem to help customers navigate all technologies to gain a competitive advantage and evolve their business model. We serve customers from start-ups to large enterprises and look forward to helping you launch your products and solutions.

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