Market Expertise

Exertis Enterprise aims to be an extension of each business it works with, so pride ourselves on providing unrivalled knowledge and support across a multitude of markets. Your focus is our focus.

Increasingly cloud service providers are turning to Exertis Enterprise for customised solutions in order to deliver the services required by their customers. Exertis Enterprise is committed to delivering innovative cloud technology, device, service and support features that help lower TCO for our cloud / datacentre customers. These solutions are built on best-in-class Supermicro Server and Storage systems that deliver broad platform choice, fast to market innovation and are optimized for value, performance and efficiency.
In the world of media and entertainment, near-line editing and post production customers are driven by deadlines and deliverables, storage and compute hardware is a means to an end. When you are working toward a final, perfect master, and creating the story from the most compelling footage and effects, you need hardware that just works.  Exertis Enterprise’s whitebox and OEM solutions are optimised to deliver high-performance platforms for workflows using Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe, Autodesk Smoke and Flame, Colorfront On-Set Dailies or any application demanding extreme performance and proven reliability.
Our industrial OEM customers often require bespoke / customisable platforms to run their applications. These applications include marine, medical, military, digital surveillance and telco; and have requirements such as specific industry certifications, regulatory approvals, global support, customisation and longevity of supply, all of which Exertis Enterprise can accommodate globally through its OEM offerings.
For environments that require high availability in a low-cost, small footprint, or latency-sensitive environments where data needs to be close to database applications, but need it shared across a cluster of servers, our hyper-converged solutions improve performance, reduce datacentre footprint, reduce energy consumption and overall management overheads. Application-specific solution designs for databases, email and virtual desktop deployments.

When it comes to high-density compute, Exertis Enterprise enables its partners to vastly increase the amount of compute resources available within limited datacentre rack space. This is being done whilst working within per-rack power constraints, but yet still increasing performance, functionality and reliability of the solution.

With Exertis Enterprise’s renowned experience in big data analytics coupled with our world-class whitebox and OEM portfolio, Exertis Enterprise is enabling partners to not only create a fully-optimised stack for their customer’s true application and environment, but also enabling them to differentiate themselves by addressing specific market requirements.

For datacentres battling massive data growth, flat budgets and limited IT resources, Exertis Enterprise’s object storage systems transform silos of data storage into cloud scale archives. S3-compliant object storage software provides the foundation for a resilient storage platform that delivers the highest level of data durability in the industry, surviving an entire datacentre outage when deployed across multiple sites. Coupled with vertically-integrated whitebox compute and storage hardware, these scale-out object storage solutions deliver the performance, efficiency and scale required for public and private cloud, with extremely low $/TB and watts/TB.

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is transforming how organisations deploy networks. For the first time customers can now choose their network operating system and switch hardware independently whilst still benefitting from the rich features and functionality network managers are familiar with. SDN can also deliver considerable CAPEX and OPEX benefits to the datacentre over traditional networks and help avoid vendor lock in. At Exertis Enterprise, we help companies choose the best SDN solution for their business and help transform how they deploy and manage networks forever.

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